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    Spirulina, antioxidant, spirulina helps slow the aging of the skin through its antioxidant molecules (gamma-linolenic acid, phycocyanin, tocopherol, carotene, selenium and zinc) that prevent the formation of free radicals. Gamma-linolenic acids Spirulina bring flexibility, elasticity and thus smooth the skin. Spirulina therefore has valuable properties in the field of cosmetics and beauty products.

Bookstore Spirulina Algahé

Bookstore Spirulina Algahé

Spirulina books on the virtues of spirulina, family culture of Spirulina, a superfood Spirulina

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Greenhouses Spirulina Algahé

Greenhouses Spirulina Algahé

Construction of spirulina grow operations

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Our spirulina production site is currently under construction

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~  Spiruline  Algahé  vitality  and  well - being  ~

Put some pep in your diet consume spirulina flake, true natural energy source, spirulina is an outstanding food source for its multiple vitamin B12, vitamin N6, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Spirulina is rich in beta-carotene. Spirulina also contains a lot of iron, calcium, and magnesium. Spirulina also a very high rate pycocianine.

The Algahé Spirulina is produced in the traditional way and dried at low temperature to keep it all its nutritional and taste qualities, which guarantee quality spirulina.

Our spirulina production farm is located in France in Aveyron, we produce a peasant spirulina with a method of cultivation and harvesting to ensure the conservation of wholes trace elements, vitamins and minerals it contains.

Producer of Spirulina we can help you discover spirulina different ways, spirulina powder, flake Spirulina, fresh spirulina, spirulina twig, petal Spirulina, guacamole spirulina, soaps spirulina, shampoo spirulina chocolate with spirulina