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  • Spirulina the complement of our diet of the 21st century. Spirulina allows us to compensate for the deficiencies of our poor diet due to industrial prepared dishes.
  • Spirulina good for hair, Spirulina contains multiple benefits. Learn how to use spirulina to fortify your hair.

    The peasant Organic Spirulina produced in France

  • Spirulina by these antioxidant qualities helps keep skin fresh and youthful. Spirulina has remarkable anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects.
Spirulina vitamins and trace elements

Spirulina vitamins and trace elements

Spirulina in your diet

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Miladiou la spiruline Aveyronaise

Miladiou the spirulina Aveyronnaise has arrived, The harvest of Spirulina 2019 is available.

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 Spirulina, I drink my juice since I was little !

Spirulina under the microscope

Spirulina is a microscopic alga of small spiral shape.

Spirulina is an amazing seaweed. Consumed in Africa for its nutritional value, Spirulina fight against nutritional deficiencies.

Excellent food supplement rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and trace elements, it helps to regain energy and vitality. Spirulina is a highly nutritious food.

Detoxifying, anti-aging, antioxidant, healing, combined muscle, immune system, blood tract, hair, skin, liver, kidneys ...

Background race and spirulinaSpirulina has the virtue of improving recovery capabilities, promote reconstruction muscle after exercise, and improve endurance abilities.Spirulina-elderly-aging-bio-fatigue

Spirulina is a highly nutritious food with properties in accordance with the specific needs of the elderly to face the challenges of aging.

For children, Spirulina is the vitamin in large quantities.Children-spirulina-bio-health-soup

Spirulina helps your pet stay healthy longer.

Spirulina and animals
Spirulina your ally beauty! With its antioxidant and cleansing it alone contains all the nutrients and trace elements necessary to the beauty of the skin. The natural and organic cosmetics with spirulina.Spirulina-beauty-bio-skins-hair-push-spirulina and natural and organic cosmetics
Cook with Spirulina

Spirulina how to eat it ?

The ideal is to add 5g per day of spirulina (about 2 teaspoons) to his diet. During a course of a few weeks or throughout the year.

Spirulina has a high potential detoxifying, we must begin gradually: It is advisable to start with a half teaspoon per day the first week.

You can : ~ The diluted in fruit juice ~ The mix in yogurt or applesauce ~ The sprinkle on vegetables, salads, grilled meat or fish, cereals, vegetables, vegetable casseroles ...

Find more ideas recipes made with spirulina sticks or powder.

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~  Spiruline  Algahé  vitality  and  well - being  ~

Put some pep in your diet consume spirulina flake, true natural energy source, spirulina is an outstanding food source for its multiple vitamin B12, vitamin N6, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Spirulina is rich in beta-carotene. Spirulina also contains a lot of iron, calcium, and magnesium. Spirulina also a very high rate pycocianine.

The Algahé Spirulina is produced in the traditional way and dried at low temperature to keep it all its nutritional and taste qualities, which guarantee quality spirulina.

Our spirulina production farm is located in France in Aveyron, we produce a peasant spirulina with a method of cultivation and harvesting to ensure the conservation of wholes trace elements, vitamins and minerals it contains.

Producer of Spirulina we can help you discover spirulina different ways, spirulina powder, flake Spirulina, fresh spirulina, spirulina twig, petal Spirulina, guacamole spirulina, soaps spirulina, shampoo spirulina chocolate with spirulina

laboratory AQMC All our production of spirulina is analyzed by the independent laboratory AQMC