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 Spirulina what use

spiruline alimentation adolescent

The spiruline, an asset for the growth !

Spirulina, children, and teens.


Spirulina for the growth of children and adolescents : the rare essential fatty acids.

The spiruline has a very high content in acid linolenic gamma (AGL, precursory fatty acid of mediators occurring in the anti-inflammatory and immunizing processes), what makes of her the second source of this nutriment after the maternal milk.

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spiruline et sport

Benefactions of the spiruline for the sportsman

The virtues of Spirulina to optimize endurance capabilities have been known for centuries. The many active ingredients it contains optimize physiological and perfectly natural way the sporting abilities, practicing recreational sport where top athlete.

The regular practice of the sport requires a food rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Rather than to take a multitude of food, often industrial complements, why not integrate the spiruline into its daily food ?

This microscopic seaweed is indeed the ideal food complement to the sportsman, to by it's of exceptional nutritional values.

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spiruline et senior

The spiruline : of numerous benefactions for seniors

"Spirulina is a food for all ills"

Spirulina functional food of the highest order whose properties are largely consistent with the needs of seniors.

High nutritional intensity, immune reinforcement, contributor of vitality and of tonus, participation in the good health of eyes or still in a good cardiovascular health..

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spiruline pour animaux chat chien cheval poison lapin

The benefactions of the spiruline for pets

She is recommended for older animals, convalescents or weak.

Very beneficial for dogs, cats and other pets, the spiruline gives them a silky, supplied and brilliant coat, strengthens the body, strengthens the natural defenses, improves the performances...

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