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Sportsmen and spiruline

Spirulina is adapted to the sport

The spirulina is a micro-seaweed which is a part of the everyday life of sportsmen's large number today.

Real concentrated by energy, the spiruline will be of a big interest for the sportswomen and the sportsmen. Indeed, by its iron contribution, in vitamin B and in beta-carotenes, the seaweed favors the oxygenation of muscles and thus a better physical endurance.

His content brought up in proteins and in essential amino acids favors the training of haemoglobin, as well as the regeneration of the fibers which form muscles and tendons.

The spiruline also favors the increase of the muscle mass when its consumption is accompanied with adapted physical activities.

The spiruline also has the effect of delaying the production of lactic acid, responsible for cramps and for the fatigue. Indeed enzymes, powerful antioxidants, fight against the free radicals responsible for the ageing of cells, which accumulate during the intense efforts, so limiting the aches and the cramps.



With the spiruline, you are sure to bring to your body a wide range of quality nutriments, essential to the practice of a sport. Ineffective doping, the spiruline completes ideally your food. She limits the deficiencies bound to the sports activity, she fights effectively against the fatigue and allows you to increase your performances.

Consume your Spirulina with Vitamin C

That you are a sportsman or not, it is actually advised to consume the spiruline with an outside source of vitamin C, as a fruit juice, to favor the iron absorption.

ideal rest the consumption of spirulina enriched in vitamin C thanks to the addition of acérola. Also known under the name of cherry of the Antilles, and of part its strong concentration in vitamin C (25 times more than in an orange), the acérola completed perfectly the spiruline.