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Animals and spirulina

For animals

"The spiruline, the food complement to all the species"

Very beneficial for dogs, cats and other pets, the spiruline gives them a silky, supplied and brilliant coat, strengthens the body, strengthens the natural defenses, improves the performances...

The spiruline is a soft micro seaweed. She contains 60 % of proteins but also a large number of amino acids, vitamins and minerals as the iron, the magnesium and the chromium. Very rich in phycocyanin, the spiruline presents exceptional anti oxidizing properties. Used as food complement in man for several years, she begins to be used in the animal feed with a similar success.

The benefactions of the spiruline for pets

She is recommended for older animals, convalescents or weak.

All the animal species can take this food complement : the fish, the hen including the dog, the cat, the horse …

This nutrient strengthens the body, strengthens the natural defenses, improves the performances …

His indications are multiple : Convalescence of diseases : piroplasmose of the dog …

Bad general state : rickets, loss of weight, cancer …

Ageing : beneficial action of the oxidizing antis, the sensors of the free radicals at the origin of the cellular ageing.

Action positive on the arthritic ground, for the degenerative osteoarthritis of dogs and cats.

Improvement of the performance sport as in man .. And also against the falls of hairs ! (By the action of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements) ...

Let us note that certain breeders of hens add of the spiruline to their daily food ration, the eggs they lay are then clearly of better quality.

The benefactions of the spiruline for horses

Horses of running, equestrian center or pet horse consume of the spiruline in a regular way

The important combination of nourishing elements proposed by the spiruline strengthens the immune system and increases the resistance in the infections. She allows equal a development of the muscle mass, a fast recovery for the sporting horses after steady efforts but also for convalescent horses, and a better fertility.

In brief : the spiruline allows your animal to remain healthy longer. She also allows him to recover faster after the effort or after the disease.

The posology goes of a short coffee spoon for a cat to a soup spoon for a big dog. For a horse, we advise 2 soup spoons a day, against 1 for the ponies. The twigs of spiruline are to be added to the ration.

Important : Spirulina has a detoxifying effect which can cause intestinal upsets passengers and reversible. Always start with small quantities for 1 to 1.5 week to accustom the body and seek the advice of your veterinarian in case of doubt