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Spirulina in the heart of cosmetics

Let us bend over his use in the world of cosmetics.

The zinc and the selenium of spirulina act synergistically with vitamin E and pigments (beta-carotene, phycocyanin, chlorophyll) for effect sanitizing and powerful . There is evidence that vitamin B5 plays a role in the resistance of the mucous membranes the skin. The Gamma linolenic acid provides flexibility, elasticity and douceur.La Spirulina is also beneficial against acne. What makes of the spiruline your ally beauty

À beautiful skin thanks to the feed

The Spirulina, with its antioxidant and cleansing properties alone contains all the nutrients and trace elements necessary for the beauty of the skin which improves the firmness and elasticity. We are here in what we called "dermonutrition" all the nutriments drawn from the spiruline are transmitted by the microcirculation towards the dermis and the skin. The blue-green algae also slow the signs of aging than are wrinkles, spots and dryness of the skin.

and external care

It is quite possible to you to apply spirulina on the face to enjoy all its benefits to the skin.

At the level of the skin, the spiruline absorbs all the impurities. She hydrates him, cleans her, feeds her from the inside. She also acts on pores by closing them. It is possible to make masks. You can mix a few grams of spirulina powder with vegetable oil and then apply it onto the skin. After rinsing your complexion is radiant.

Spirulina and cosmetics

  • ~ The spiruline restructures the skin
  • ~ A repair effect Restore some tonus and some brightness in the tired skins
  • ~ a capacity of detoxification and exceptional hydration
  • ~ help in particular to fight the pernicious effects of the sun on the skin
  • ~ A calming effect on the irritated skins
  • ~ recommended for problem skin, prone to dryness, itching, and acne