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The acerola

What is that the acérola ?

Acérola spiruline algahé

This is about a small cherry that grows in Brazil and that is incredibly rich in vitamin C.

A natural synergy

The spiruline is very rich iron and poor in vitamin C.
The iron of the Spirulina will be better assimilated if you consume at the same time a source of vitamin C.

The acérola which I propose you is organic and rich at height of 25 % in vitamin C natural.

How many I take ?

The AJR for the vitamince C is of 80mg / in the daytime but we can increase doses until 500mg / in the daytime and 1000mg / in the daytime for the sportsmen.

To have an antioxidant effect, take at least 500 mg / day of vitamin C. This corresponds to 2 g of acerola powder Let be a teaspoon.

~ In case of big fatigue, of intense physical effort, or examination.
A daily coffee spoon (approximately 5g) will do you good. It corresponds approximately in 100g of acérola for 3 weeks of cure

~ To remain in shape
1/2 daily coffee spoon (approximately 2,5g) will be enough. It corresponds approximately in 100g of acérola for 6 weeks of cure.

~ And in the time ?
It depends on you at first.If you are tired, a cure of 3 months will do you good.
For the people who wish to remain in shape, a cure of 1 month at the time of the interseasons (spring and autumn) will be enough.


A combined cure spiruline / acérola


In this case, for 2 bags of spiruline you can take 1 bag of acérola.

It is important to consume the spiruline and the acérola at the same time. The microseaweed ( the spiruline) and the fruit ( the acérola) enter then synergy.