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Les condiments

The universe of spirulina and its various gourmet associations, which allow you to consume spirulina, in different ways. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of spirulina, but also of the nutritional, interesting different mixtures associated with spirulina.

For example :

The Gomasio Spirulina, you can reduce your intake of salt and pleasantly decorated touts flavor your dishes.

Omega Spirulina is a mixture of seeds and spirulina that is delicious as an aperitif, it is also excellent used as a condiment on your gratins, vegetables, salads, grilled fish and meat, soups that will accommodate comfortably.

Revitalizing the Spirulade is a vitamin and energy mix spirulina powder and green acerola.

  • Spirulina having no vitamin C, it is provided by the green acerola which contains 20 times more vitamin C as an orange.
  • Iron Spirulina requires a source of vitamin C to be well assimilated by our body

Synergy spirulina and green acerola, revitalizes, awakens and energizes the body.