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I take what ...?

Spirulina has a strong detoxifying potential, we must begin gradually: It is advisable to start with a half teaspoon per day the first week.

~ In case of fatigue, intense physical exertion or review

Two tablespoons daily coffee will do you good. This corresponds to about spirulina 200g for 3 weeks cure. You can take spirulina in divided doses spread over the day, with meals for example.

~ To keep fit A daily teaspoon suffice.

This corresponds approximately to 100 g of spirulina for three weeks of treatment.

~ And in time ?

That depends on you in the first place. If you are tired, a cure of 3 months will do you good. For those wishing to keep fit, a course of one month during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) will suffice.

~ 1 teaspoon = +/- 4g of Spirulina