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FAQS on Spirulina

Spirulina Algahé

Spiruline Algahé

FAQS on Spirulina

How long can I keep my spirulina ?

Spirulina is a dehydrated product that keeps well. The packages in resealable bags that we offer allow optimum conservation, protected from light and moisture. You can keep at least 1 year after your order.

It is therefore quite interesting to order bigger packages (500gr or 1kg) to benefit from the best rates !

How long will last me a 100 gr bag ?

The recommended doses for spirulina is 3 to 5 grams per day. A bag of 100 gr so will last you about 1 month.

Why buy spirulina Spirulina Algahé home ?

By buying from us, you ensure quality spirulina.

At all levels of production (harvesting, drying, packaging, sanitary analysis), particular attention is paid to obtain a product of the highest quality.

A drying at low temperature (<40 ° C) guarantees the preservation of all the nutritional quality of Spirulina. You should know that industrial Spirulina is dried at high temperatures and denaturing much vitamins. It's a shame when you have a product from rich ...

No binder nor caking agent is added to ensure a 100% Spirulina for all available forms (twigs, powder, tablets and petals).

Each batch is subjected to sanitary analysis by an accredited independent laboratory.

The advantage of direct sales "from farm to fork" is also able to offer a high quality spirulina, at competitive rates by removing the margins taken by intermediaries.

Why she did not spirulina organic label ?

Just because the organic label in France does not yet exist for spirulina ! One can find spirulina with organic labels in shops as international agreements allow spirulina produced abroad to be marketed with organic labels legally. But the quality is not necessarily to go with these labels.

Although we do not have a label, we bring you the guarantee of Spirulina cultivated without pesticides, dried at low temperature to preserve the nutritional qualities. Furthermore, no coloring or preservatives are added, and spirulina is analyzed by a laboratory for bacteriological accept checks and to control the absence of heavy metals.

Who is spirulina ?

To everybody !

Spirulina is considered as the natural ally of good health for all: children in times of growth, men, women, elderly. In addition the daily use of spirulina is advantageously integrated into the lifestyle of the athletes and vegetarians.

Is Spirulina is suitable for children ?

Spirulina provides children and youth with vital substances. This algae strengthens the immune system and brings their body the elements they need to grow well. They are now in a permanent state of stress: school, homework, tutoring, sports.

All this is challenging for them. Spirulina helps young people start the day with more energy, desire and mood. The little alga is a healthy snack that parents can give to their children without hesitation. They must consume about half of the amount of spirulina recommended for adults.

Can you also give this algae animals ?

Yes, spirulina does not do well as humans. Many people are proud to pamper their four-legged friends. It is also widely used to feed the horses, fish, birds....

Can we meet any side effects ?

No, Spirulina is not a medicine, but a nutrient. Just as one does not usually encounter side effects when consuming fruits and vegetables. At first, some people may experience mild nausea, stomach pain, headaches or rashes.

This is common in people whose metabolism is not working properly and those that are or have been, many drugs during their lives. This is a positive sign, it shows that spirulina is and detoxifies the body. If this is the case, it is advisable to reduce the dose or temporarily stop treatment.

How to consume twigs ?

Twigs can be consumed in different ways. They fit easily in your diet, both in sweet and savory dishes. They may simply be sprinkled on a salad or added to yogurt, applesauce, nectar glass fruit, etc ...

See the recipe section

Can I order Spirulina if I am not in France ?

Yes, orders for deliveries outside of France are possible. They are not made through the online store.

Note that shipping costs will be based on rates colissimo (

How are delivery costs calculated ?

The shipping fees are offered from 49 euros of purchases for delivery in France.

Below, delivery charges apply. Note that shipping costs will be based on rates colissimo (

Shipping charges include packaging, handling and postage. They may contain a fixed and a variable part based on price or weight of your order.

Is online payment secure ?

Yes, online payment is secure. It is made by the "paybox" module,

The secure Paybox system that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the transmitted information is encrypted by software and no third party can read it in transit on the network.

The page where you enter your number is SSL secured and hosted by Paybox, ensuring optimal security and confidentiality of your bank details.

For those who do not want to use this online payment, an alternative solution is offered when ordering: payment by check. To do this, follow the traditional path of an order on the website, and select "check" when choosing the payment. In this case, your package will be mailed upon receipt of your payment.